The Best Thing About My Videobuddy

The mission

We encourage people to begin their content creator journey providing a stage anywhere and assuring that creating content is exciting, with excellent quality and within everyone’s reach.

What drives us

It is not only a portable flexible LED ring light, it is a way to empower new people to start creating, expressing and inspiring, while allowing us to be part of the creation process.


My Videobuddy arose during the pandemic in May 2020 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The idea of founding this company emerged from noticing how our lives changed drastically. We noticed that the only way we could communicate with the rest of the world was through technology; in order to be able to continue with our lives we were depending directly on our smartphones. It was quickly realized how global society evolves and innovates to stay on its feet. It has been a lesson that in this technology era it is essential to become part of it and adapt in order to survive.

The quarantine was an opportunity for humanity to find a new way to keep going with their lives, to reconnect with themselves and find solutions while being forced to stay in their homes. Many people lost their jobs, and the odds of finding one while going through this event were really low. People were becoming extremely creative with their social media. A lot of content creators were emerging. Social media stopped being just for entertainment, it was beyond that, they were influencing their audience by giving their opinion, sharing their experiences and explaining useful life situations. Content creators were bringing a lot of positivity to the world. 

People were adapting their lives, businesses and jobs by using their smartphones. For us, it became an opportunity to help, and to show the world that spending a lot of money on production and equipment wasn’t necessary to become an influencer. Creating content was not only a luxury and with the purpose of entertaining only, it was also becoming a job opportunity. It became a need to make people’s businesses succeed. All these events were announcing that it was time to join this world in a helpful way. My videobuddy is not only a tool, but a reason to encourage people to begin their content creator journey while taking care of the quality of their content. It represents hope of knowing that something can be done from home.