Feel Confident In Front Of A Camera

March 8, 2021

               How many times have we felt upset because we expect our family and friends to take amazing videos and photos of us? How many times our family and friends get moody and tired because they took so many photos and we’re still not happy with the result? It could be very disappointing being in an amazing place we are visiting or dressing up and not having a cool photo to post on the gram. In this article we are offering you a solution for that awkward moment you face when you are in front of a camera and you are not sure about what to do.

Things to consider when creating content

The importance of social media in our daily lives nowadays is something we all know and understand. We know that is not only for entertainment any longer. Social media has become a way to introduce ourselves to society. It has become an important source even for obtaining jobs and starting a business. The success of the social media is directly affected by the quality of the content, how often we post and the value we add to our followers. A photographer definitely can be very helpful if you are trying to improve the quality of your content in your social media platforms, but imagine depending on a photographer everyday, how much would you have to spend or wait for that to happen?

Absolutely nothing compares to the magnificent work of a photographer, that is for sure. Their style, the visualization of a photo, capturing the perfect moment, the lighting, the location, and many more existent requirements to capture the perfect photo. We also know that the style of the photographer changes a lot, the results of a photoshoot depend directly on the trust between the photographer and the model. The photographer is the one who could help reach the potential of the model by guiding and even more when the model does not have a lot of experience in front of the lense. Many of us don’t really feel with a lot of confidence in front of the camera and we can feel shy and insecure when doing it, but as well, some of us would really love to have an amazing result from a photoshoot.

Don’t invest a lot of money, we have a solution for you!

Ring lights are the perfect alternative to start developing your career as a content creator with a premium quality and without the need of investing a lot of money. Let’s start mentioning that the cost goes from 30-120 euros, with a small investment you could create endless content. We know that lighting is key for the perfect content and you can find different options in the market. Another aspect to consider is the fact that many of us don’t really have experience with posing, this is another solution a ring light can provide. You don’t have to face that fear and insecurity of trying to know if you’re doing a good job on posing. You can be constantly checking what you’re doing right at the moment and feel with more confidence that no one is staring at you and you can try and practice endless times until you feel satisfied.

What things should I consider when selecting a ring light?

The market offers different options of ring lights and it is important to choose the one that matches your needs. My Videobuddy could be the best option if you are going to start improving your content on social media because it has a very accessible price, less than 30 euros. Furthermore, it’s flexible ring light stand and phone holder allows you to play with different angles until you find the perfect one for you. Some ring lights stands are straight and you can only make some adjustments on the height of the phone holder. Having a flexible stand and phone holder are helpful solutions if you don’t have experience with posing, you can always explore and change angle perspectives to create different content. The fact that it is portable means that you will not depend on anyone whenever you travel or if you want to take photos of yourself on the outside because you can place it anywhere. Many of the ring lights’ designs on the market are to be used only in your house, they are big and difficult to carry if you want to change locations. Last but not least, the lighting colors it has and the intensity will make your videos get that perfect lighting that will always be key for us to have a confidence boost in front of the camera.

Whenever you think of improving the quality of your content, don’t forget that investing will always make a big difference in time and results obtained. When selecting your best option, always compare the benefits between products, remember, you don’t need to make a big investment to get the best results! For more information about the flexible and portable Videobuddy ring light, click here.