Improve Your Self-Confidence When Creating Content

March 1, 2021


Do you spend a lot of time on social media watching videos, posts and following people wishing you could have their lifestyle? Do you ever feel the need to express or share an experience or a thought but you are afraid of the public opinion? What would happen if I tell you that creating content could contribute to your development of self-confidence? Would you like to be part of the revolutionary movement of turning social media into something real instead of fake? 

Social media is directly related to different mental diseases as they are anxiety, depression and narcissism. It has affected our interpersonal relationships to a high level. According to a recent study made by the European Scientific Journal, the most affected by social media has been our self-esteem or self-confidence. All these facts could sound terrifying but there have been positive impacts coming from social media as well. Social media has created thousands of new jobs and gives you the opportunity to use the platforms to start your own business. Social media is becoming essential for businesses, 75% increased their traffic by increasing their exposure, using social media you can get anywhere! The conventional ads are no longer the ones people rely on to buy a product, they would rather obtain valuable information from experiences shared by customers which is directly related to success of companies. 

Now you’re asking yourself, What do all of these things have to do with me? Well, absolutely everything. You can open so many doors by letting the world know you and what you have to offer. Sharing an experience, thought or fact could help someone out there, it could even save a life, and while you’re helping others you can strengthen and develop a better speaking in public skill and improve your self-esteem. I know, speaking in public could sound terrifying as well, but think for a moment, thanks to technology we are able to speak in public from the comfort of our room and record as many times as needed until we are satisfied with the final result. Therefore, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, nobody is watching and don’t be so hard on yourself you will improve with time and practice.

Enjoy the content creating process

We know it is not easy to stop being insecure, we know it could take a big effort and could be a long way for you to go from a thought or a wish to taking action. We know you need a motivation for this to happen. If this is what you really want, think all the perks you could obtain from this process that can transform your life. But the most important, improve your self-confidence. Eventually you are going to get to a moment where you no longer will care about what people think. You will see the results when you start creating your community and when you start accomplishing your goals that will take you to the life you want to live. People will follow you because they share something in common with you and they enjoy what you’re communicating. We want to encourage you to accept this process of accepting yourself and loving yourself. Ask yourself, Am I going to stop myself from doing what I love because I am afraid of what people will think of me?

It is a process and you have to start challenging yourself. Start simple, choose a topic you are passionate about and start interacting with phrases. Share an experience or a story so people can start getting to know you and connect with you, something valuable. You don’t have to be an expert but you can always plan what you’re communicating from your perspective to feel more secure. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you will always learn from them. If you are not ready to receive and read people’s opinions then turn off your comments and little by little start preparing yourself to receive feedback and comments from your audience. Focus on the positive and constructive comments. Remember that negative and destructive comments will always come from people that would rather criticize and judge others than look at themselves to become a better version, or maybe they want to do what you’re doing but they’re too afraid. Social media is now for everybody and is an interesting way to introduce yourself to the world to start creating a positive impact.