The Secrets To Go Viral On TikTok

Have you ever posted a TikTok that was perfect in your eyes but didn’t receive a lot of views? We all know how it feels when you’ve spent hours on making that sick video and only get 200 views. The reason some content doesn’t succeed is because of the algorithm designed for the platforms. It is important for content creators to understand the algorithm of the apps to make them get more reach. That is why we’ve analyzed the algorithm of the most recent popular social media platform TikTok.

What the hell is "the algorithm"?

An algorithm is a specific and logical procedure to be followed in order to achieve specific results. The algorithms of TikTok are used to prioritize content based on preferences. They will analyze every user and make sure that the first thing they will see is something they can relate to. 

Before we start analyzing this platform, be aware of the fact that social media keeps innovating everyday. They will analyze everyday to find ways to be better, which means that they will change their algorithm if they see room for improvement. Every content creator should make sure they are up to date. So we are here to give you the latest information about this topic. And at the end we will tell you ways to beat the algorithm. 

Want to go viral on tiktok? try these!

The first important factor when it comes to growing on TikTok is the necessity of engagement of the community you are creating. The goal is to show TikTok that your content is valuable to your audience. The likes, comments and shares will tell the app that there is interest in your video.

The way to take advantage of this fact is by sticking to a type of niche you would like to focus on. Whenever you stick to a particular niche it will be easier to analyze your audience and describe the things that interest them. It will make you able to think about content that will catch the eye of those followers and will push them to get engaged. Another thing you can do is analyze your content and seeing which worked well and had a lot of engagement. This means that your followers are interested in those types of videos. 

Consistency is key. Behind the scenes your account is being ranked by the people working for TikTok. Content creators who post multiple times a day will automatically be ranked higher than people who post 1 video every month. A better consistency is highly appreciated by the app and will eventually benefit you when it comes to exposure to the audience. As soon as you take a break from uploading your content or you will post just every once in a while, you will notice that growing on TikTok will be less likely. 

Watch time is more important than watch percentage. What that means is that it’s better to have a video of 30 seconds that is watched 50% (15 seconds) than a video of 10 seconds that is watched 100% (10 seconds). TikTok will rank the first video higher because it is watched for 5 seconds longer. In the past we’ve been told multiple times that shorter videos will have more success because those are most likely to be watched completely. This is not the right way to think about it. A short video can only be successful if the watcher decides to see it multiple times. In this way the watch time will increase and your content will be ranked higher. 

All the information given about the algorithm comes from a reliable source. The person that teaches us all the ins and outs about growing on the platform TikTok is: Joseph Todd. Make sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel to stay educated about the latest TikTok updates. Check out his video below! 

TIME to play with the algorithm!

What is most important for platforms is the usage time of the people owning that application. The way they will get your attention and invite you to enter again will be through notifications. @Beyonce responded to your reel. You want to see what @kyliejenner posted today? @gigihadid is going live right now! It’s @jlo’s birthday, wish her a happy birthday! And before you know it, you are scrolling through TikTok for the last 3 hours. 

What platforms do is try to find the way they try to make you open the app again. The more you use the application, the more they can analyze your preferences and eventually know which videos (and advertisements) are most interesting for you. Their goal is to collect data of people which at the end will help them improve their platforms.

Now you’re probably asking, what does this have to do with their algorithm? Well, we can use this information to our advantage. The longer you will be away from the application, the more reasons they will think of to get you back on the application. So whenever you post something and ignore the notifications by not opening the app. The algorithm will automatically show your content to more people what makes them able to send you more notifications.   

Understanding the social media platforms and the process it takes will lead you to have a successful account faster. Always try to find your main purpose of using these platforms whether it is for entertainment, learning new things, to inspire people or to start a business. It is time for us to play it smart,take advantage of them and start doing what we love by creating content but always remember that a content strategy will always make it easier for you!